The way the movie ends also makes a statement about the mistakes people make when listening—or rather, not … Movie logic. … Our hero in The Matrix franchise, Neo (Keanu Reeves), was the only one with enough power to break the Matrix and save humanity. After murdering over 400 people, Light (hiding under the moniker Kira) and his girlfriend Mia are pursued by a genius detective only known as L. Aidied by Lights father whos a police chief, L manages to figure out who Kira really is and confronts him after Light kills his servant and guardian Watari. MXGP 2020 PS5 Review: Motocross For The New Generation, Zack Snyder's Joker Plan is The Best Way To Do a Jared Leto Solo Movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Made Original Film’s Director Cry, The Wolf Creek TV Show Was A Better Way To Continue The Movie Franchise, Ana de Armas Trends On Twitter After Ben Affleck Break-Up, Subnautica: Where to Find Cuddlefish Eggs, Marvel's King in Black Just Rebooted 'Venom vs Carnage', Avengers: Endgame Originally Had Post-Credits Scene Setting Up WandaVision, Toxic Avenger Remake Script Is Better Than 80s Movie Says Creator, Anthony Mackie Knows Everything That Happens in MCU Phase 4. But that's bat-baloney. He spent the first two films on an apparent collision course with the near-invincible AI program known as Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). The ending of Netflix's new Korean movie, The Call, left many viewers perplexed. Director Christophe Gans explained his take on the series' mythology in 2006, saying, "Here we are dealing with a character who has the capacity to split, and when you realize that Alessa is no longer one character, but many, it explains the story of the town. Alternately, if you’re looking only for The Matrix Ending Explained, you can go – here. It's true that Teddy would use Leonard's condition for his own advantages, but there's little reason to believe he would fabricate this kind of story. Torn is a powerful dramatic journey that invites each of us to confront our own perceptions of the world and one another. As he's said in multiple interviews, he was originally inspired by a nightmare in which he knew he was being followed, knew he couldn't get away, and knew the people with him in the nightmare weren't able to help him. Now, in a new interview with the Empire podcast, Peele has explained his take on this twist ending: This movie’s about maybe the monster is you. "Some people have suggested that the whole second part of the film is nothing but a nightmare. Initially, this foggy reality is only confined to the town of Silent Hill, but as the movie ends, Rose and her adopted daughter Sharon remain in the mist even as they leave town and return home. Impressionable and lost, Thomasina swears allegiance to Black Phillip, and joins his coven of witches in the woods. One of the wisest scripting moves made by this fantastic movie is making it clear at the very beginning that yes, there really is a witch in them there woods. Two families bond when their teenage sons are killed in an explosion at a suburban mall only to discover one of their children is the prime suspect. Confusing endings have been a staple of Hollywood for years, and they're not going away anytime soon. We wanted the film's atmosphere to reflect the psychological state of the protagonist.". During his exposition, Teddy shows Leonard a photograph of Leonard smiling, allegedly taken after he killed the original John G. This lends credence to Teddy's story, as Leonard always too photographs to help him remember things. He couldn't save Llewelyn or stop Chigurh, so the only left was to retire. This is what you need to know about it. He stops her at the airport and tells her that he wants at least to talk to her, drinking coffee. In the film's closing scenes, after the Babadook has possessed Davis' character and she tries to strangle her son, he draws it out of her with a tender expression of love—at which point the Babadook flees into the basement, where she's stored all mementos of her husband since his death. There are subtle clues scattered throughout Inception that make the picture clearer, but this is another instance where moviegoers were paying attention to the wrong aspect. Check out this video breaking down the movie scenes leading up to the movie ending. A major theme of the story is to ridicule the self-centered "greed is good" mindset of the decade, and make fun of the high-powered players of the finance world who embody that ethos the most. "This is a world where eradication of the enemy is seen for what it is: a symptom of the problem, not a solution," concludes the essay. This calls into question whether or not Bateman imagined it all, but according author Bret Easton Ellis (who penned the source material novel), having it all be in Bateman's head would render the point of the story moot. But in case that’s not satisfying for you, Hargrave offered a peek behind the curtain at how they landed on this Extraction ending. I think maybe Coherence? The gist of the whole film rests on the notion that time is a circle—and the possibility of a "bootstrap paradox," a theory explained by Slate with a comparison movie fans should appreciate: "In the first [Terminator movie], Kyle Reese is sent back in time by John Connor to protect Sarah Connor, John Connor's mother. As for the ambiguity of that last shot? What "Teddy" has just completed was an elaborate role playing exercise set up by his "partner" Chuck (Mark Ruffalo), who is really psychiatrist Lester Sheehan. The Tree of Life, which united a showy cast that included Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain to tell a sort of memory play recounting the life of a Texas family, certainly fit the bill. There's plenty to unpack—more than we have the space to dive into here—and much of it is left unexplained. Sirens and talking can be heard coming from the street below. This Best Picture winner left a lot of people confused by the way it ended. Unlike many films that court a certain air of ambiguity, The Witch makes its supernatural content explicit—instead of having to wonder if it's really happening, you can just sit back and wonder what it means. The ending of First Reformed explained. One of Hollywood's foremost auteurs, Malick has never been in any real rush to explain his movies, and Tree of Life is no different. It's incredibly disorienting—there's a reason audience reviews of the film are so divided. Rather than telling a straightforward story, suggested film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, "I just think [Malick is] opening up the top of his head and letting the memories and fantasies and personal anecdotes pour out, and arranging the pieces in such a way as to prompt you to remember your own life and reflect on it, and think about your own place in the cosmos, however small or large you may imagine it to be.". And there's some evidence that backs him up. Fans debated the scene endlessly for years after Inception came out...but according to Nolan, the non-ending is actually kind of the whole point. Disappointed, Sheehan signals for the orderlies to take Andrew to get lobotomized. I’ve done enormously deep dives in a ton of different movie rule systems – some of them so deep that the movie creators sought me out to say thanks on their own. There are lots of interpretations for all this, some of which were supplied by Crowe himself in the commentary track for the DVD—but the correct one might just be accepting what you see onscreen as the actual events of the story. Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) discovers a brutal truth while investigating the Ashecliffe Institute, learning that his real name is Andrew Laeddis and he's actually a patient at the hospital for the criminally insane. "It's a movie that is set to a game," said director Denis Villenueve. The camera moves over the spinning top just before it appears to be wobbling, it was cut to black.". Evangelion’s Apocalypse Explained Let’s start with the anime series’ ending first. Mistake & trivia books Most popular pages Best movie mistakes Best mistake pictures Best comedy movie quotes Movies with the most mistakes New this month Sex and the City mistakes Die Hard 2 mistakes Snowden questions Inside Man ending Life quotes Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets mistake picture Bruce Willis movies & TV shows Cobra Kai trivia The biggest mistakes in the Fast & … There’s enough tonal overlap and pages torn out of old playbooks, however, that it helps if you’re so predisposed to this kind of ride you don’t care about the déjà vu. I don't understand the very end where the ants are on his arm when he touches the curtain in the maid's room. Telling the story in reverse chronology, viewers discover how Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) became the "John G." that Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) is hunting down. Certain moviegoers love finality in the narrative, and prefer if they understand exactly what happened to the characters during the fateful third act. If there's a "real" meaning, he hasn't seen fit to share it—and the panel of religious experts convened by the Los Angeles Times was unable to come up with any kind of consensus. One thing leads to another, and ultimately, she and her friends try killing it, with generally unpleasant (not to mention ambiguous) results. Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain features a trio of interlocking stories, each hundreds of years apart, all about a couple (played by Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz in each installment) coming to terms with being separated by death—and culminates in a wild whatsit of an ending. His apartment full of corpses has been cleaned up. Kimi No Na Wa Explained (Your Name Explained) I’m going to destroy the brilliant non-linear storytelling by laying out the plot in chronological order. One of Birdman's four screenwriters, Alexander Dinelaris Jr., hinted during an interview with HuffPost Live that the key to their understanding of the ending lies within Sam's relationship with her father: "I think when we found the relationship with the daughter, we started to understand what Riggan's story was. Nolan himself agrees with this interpretation, but that probably won't put an end to the debate. The movie ends with a shot of Jack and Kate sitting in a cafe, talking. Thankfully, director David Lowery was asked about the ending to A Ghost Story, and he was happy to provide a little more explanation for those who might be confused when the credits start to roll. Maybe Bell just needs a new wallet. And people are not dying by magic, but by thallium poisoning. Here, Sam chooses to ignore reality. For film buffs of a certain stripe, Terrence Malick movies are always an event. Director Paul Verhoeven intentionally left the final scene ambiguous, but he believes it was all just a dream. Obviously, there will be PLENTY of SPOILERS in this post. That's all the exposition necessary for viewers to know that Batman jumped out while the plane flies the bomb toward the bay. The Wrestler ends on a tragic note, cutting to black as its hero leaps into the ring, choosing to die doing what he loves—either right then, or one day soon. The paradox is that Reese turns out to be the father of John Connor—by sending Reese back in time, John Connor created himself.". In the original story and in the TV show, Zachary Osborne is the killer. It all ends in the cosmonaut's fiery death, the Tree's rebirth, and an ending in which Izzi's spirit hands Tom fruit from the Tree...which he plants in her grave. They pass by a demolished house with a swing set in the front yard. He explained during an interview while promoting Exodus: Gods and Kings: "[Alfred] was just content with me being alive. Few things are more terrifying than the knowledge that no matter how far you go or how fast you travel, your pursuer will keep gaining on you and eventually you'll be caught. (The ATM that says FEED ME A STRAY CAT and the shootout with police that follows, for example.) I believe Sandra senses something is damaged about Leonard. It's a place of fantasy, beaches, and beautiful women. The star child is meant to be an enhanced being and returns to Earth to take the next great step for mankind. More importantly, throughout the movie, Bell ponders the violence in the area where he is sheriff and, since he's close to retirement, wonders whether he's too old for the world in which he lives. The final shot shows Dom Cobb reuniting with his kids. Jay's told the only way she can escape the evil spirit (which haunts her in some truly terrifying ways) is by sleeping with someone else to pass it on. "That is what happens on the film's simplest level. A lot of people are still confused about the ending of Greenland to get a better idea of what actually happened towards the ending. A Ghost Story Ending Explained Nearly the entire film follows Casey Affleck under a sheet as the ghost himself, having died in a car crash just outside of his house. follows behind. But don't confuse it for randomness, as everything about the film from its opening epigraph ("Chaos is order yet undeciphered") implies there's deeper meaning at work here. Movie Review: ‘Umrika’ is a sad story from India ... its gritty Indian slum setting with a satisfying but unrealistic happy ending, Umrika is a far sadder story. Although the bulk of the story takes place in small-town 20th century America, it also makes room for the Big Bang and the creation of the Earth (including a couple dinosaurs) and ends on a ponderous note that finds its protagonist (Penn) standing on a beach that may or may not signify the afterlife. So why the hellish visions, and why at the end do they turn more peaceful, with Jacob ascending into heaven with his son? Instead of seeing an old fashioned Western shootout, the Coen brothers' Best Picture winner was criticized by some for ending rather anticlimactically, as villain Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) kills Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) off-screen and escapes from the authorities. Ultimately, the movie's ending is every bit as open to interpretation as the rest of the film—and although viewers are welcome to delve into any or all of the many theories attempting to explain what Lynch might have meant by the whole thing, the best explanation was arguably posed by the late film critic Roger Ebert. Timecrimes? And [Bruce] was delighted that he had finally freed himself from the privilege, but ultimately the burden of being Bruce Wayne.". But if things were so dire humanity was about to get wiped out, how did future humans accomplish this to begin with? What's it mean? There's "hard to understand" and then there's Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly's cult classic mindbender about a suburban boy (Jake Gyllenhaal) who's visited by Frank, a mysterious figure in a rabbit costume and warned that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. ... "That was something Jane toyed with when we shot the movie, to end it there," said the US actor. The movie is cyclical; Adam is a man chronically disloyal to his wife trapped in a web of his own creation. Jesse Plemons, from left, Jessie Buckley, Toni Collette and David Thewlis in the movie "I'm Thinking of Ending Things." I still like this movie because it contains my favorite heroin and monster but I’m sick of acting like the Alien series ever needed a director like Cameron. As the movie ends, he expires on the battlefield, his tormented journey through Vietnam, and his mind, fractured by war, over at last. Because that was the life he'd always wanted for [Bruce]. But separating the real world and that otherworld is a misty in-between, where humans and the monsters can cross paths. In a perfect blend of heartwarming and gross, The Babadook's closing moments show mother and son gathering a bowl of worms, which Davis takes into the basement to feed the vanquished beast—tacitly acknowledging that she'll always carry it with her, and honor its place in her heart. Many have already seen the movie, but some still need The Titan’s ending explained. Alfred doesn't know she and Wayne have become an item, and he'd quit before Batman and Catwoman teamed up to save Gotham City. Fear not! Jacob's chiropractor, Louis, who serves as his guardian figure in the movie, explains to him that if you resist death, and try to hold on, "you'll see devils tearing your life away. Can someone explain the ending of the movie The Maid's Room? Lost and terrified, she becomes susceptible to the manipulations of Black Phillip, a demonic character who seems to be a high power of dark evil. It's not a big showy mental problem; lots of people go through life like this, and people simply say, "Well, you know Leonard." Andrew appears to have accepted the treatment, but shows signs of regression when he calls Sheehan "Chuck" during a conversation later on and implores that they need to get off the island. He used the ending of Inception as an example, saying: "[Cobb] was off with his kids, he was in his own subjective reality. Christopher, Rose's husband, seems to sense their presence, but they occupy different planes of reality—recall the sequence when Christopher and Rose couldn't see each other as he searched for her in Silent Hill, despite occupying the same hallway in different dimensions. THE TWIST ENDING: In the final 15 minutes of the film (which takes place in the present). It's just a matter of how you look at it.". In 2013, Chris was hired to write weekly box office prediction posts in conjunction with the Screen Rant Underground podcast's Box Office Battle game and his role expanded over the next few years. This calls into question whether or not Bateman imagined it all, but according author Bret Easton Ellis (who penned the source material novel), having it all be in Bateman's head would render the point of the story moot. Sheehan is working with Dr. John Cawley (Ben Kingsley) to help Andrew recover from his condition, and if they fail Andrew will be lobotomized. The new Netflix horror movie "Ravenous" ends with a strange sight, particularly for a zombie movie: a giant shrine of kitchen chairs. (1984) The Terminator 8/10. Chris Agar is a news editor for Screen Rant, also writing features and movie reviews for the site as one of Screen Rant's Rotten Tomatoes approved critics. By Nick Limon The book ends with the governess forcing the little girl to say the name of her former teacher, which the governess believes releases the ghost's hold … Birdman has several instances where Riggan floats or flies around, but there tends to be a real-world version taking place (see: the angry cab driver), so even if Riggan is "flying," it's probably because he killed himself jumping out the window and is now going to the afterlife. The character, which was constantly torn between his Christian faith and the Viking way of life, eventually met his end in Season 3, though his impact on the series was long-lasting. Basically, the Nocturne ending is ambiguous, but most signs point to Juliet driving herself crazy with her dream to become a successful musician. He's also, if you believe his inner monologue, an unhinged serial killer and sadist. While we don't know if she literally dies after her performance, she's given herself entirely to the role. Sharon is, essentially, another part of Alessa, Silent Hill's girl-gone-bad who was burned as a witch and sought supernatural vengeance on the town that killed her. So what was Nolan trying to tell us? One of the most common theories is that Riggan tried to kill himself again in the hospital, and Sam is either looking at the meteor shower that was featured in Birdman's beginning or the free "spirit" of her deceased father floating up to be at peace. Extraction just hit Netflix yesterday and is a military action thriller that follows Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary who is tasked with rescuing a crime lord's son. He told AICN: "It's a film that's a journey and it's a trip and it's an experience through the meditation of a lot of these questions. Based on the second novel from Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho is a satirical horror story about the inner life of Patrick Bateman, a high-paid investment banker in 1980s New York. In the opening scene, a performer at a private sex show Adam attends prepares to crush a spider on a silver platter; after a strained visit with Adam's mother, a giant spider is seen looming over the city. "In a timeless state, his life passes from middle age to senescence to death. Here's how it ends. hinting that Andrew has been cured, and would rather die as a good man who made peace with his decisions than the monster who ended his family through neglect. The time has come and the story of … We've already pointed out how Doug Quaid's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) adventure on Mars plays a little too close to the description of the secret agent fantasy laid out by the Rekall employees, and ever since the film came out viewers have been trying to decide if the plot all takes place in Quaid's mind or actually happened. Mike had an option to hang himself but instead chose to set the room on fire. Furthermore, Quaid's new love interest Melina (Rachel Ticotin) is identical to the "fantasy girl" Quaid personally selected prior to the procedure, and the name of the program is even Blue Skies on Mars - which is the objective of Quaid's mission. The only rational ending is for that divinity to cause his own destruction, his own consumption. ", The real meaning behind these confusing movie endings. Once she got down, Emma's big monologue, in the basement, we started to understand the relationship and what it was. The thing that is told at nearly the end of the film is that these loops have been going on for thousands of times. Enemy follows Jake Gylennhaal as Adam, a history professor who discovers the existence of his exact double. I find it very interesting. We've got the answers you need in our video above, but beware of spoilers. Totally intentional. Read on to find out why we’re convinced BBC’s Merlin is damn near impossible to get over! But since this is a Robert Eggers movie, things don’t go quite according to plan. Midway through, he meets a scientist who once worked with the military to experiment on soldiers with psychedelic drugs meant to put them into killing frenzies. Sometimes a movie's shocking twist, ambiguous ending, or artsy finale can be more confusing than satisfying. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth. He plunges into depression, has his face surgically restored, and then his life really starts to go haywire. Here are Screen Rant's 10 Confusing Movie Endings Finally Explained. In the end, Thomasina's family has been devastated by infighting and madness stoked by provocations of the evil in the woods, resulting in the death of her father, and leading her to kill her own mother in self-defense. The film ends with Ed saying "And then I woke up" before fading to black. Crowe seemed to lean that direction while talking with Film School Rejects about Vanilla Sky's unused alternate ending: "You want people to understand what you're going for, so the question is, looking at both endings: Did the pendulum swing too much in the direction of us explaining stuff? ", In the next breath, however, he pointed out that 2001 concerns itself with "elements of philosophy and metaphysics" that "have nothing to do with the bare plotline," so whatever Kubrick's summary tells you about Bowman's fate, you can trust there's more to it—and that any extra meaning is entirely up to you. Hi, this is Barry and here’s the full plot analysis and ending of Donnie Darko explained in a … He jumps—and the last shot is of Cruise's character opening his eyes, starting his life over again. But in fact, he's learned the truth about the dangerous world in which he now exists. To keep his new friend happy, Teddy sent him after other "John G's." But let's shift our gaze toward the ghost of Batman's past... Alejandro G. Iñárritu's film about a washed-up actor trying to make a comeback on Broadway has the kind of weird ending that puts Inception to shame. To solve this puzzle, focus on two keys: Adam's opening lecture on dictatorships, and the meaning of the spider. We’ll get to that later. But in the original movie Alan may … Moreover, Selina Kyle is there, wearing Wayne's mother's necklace, which she steals at the beginning of the movie. Even for the late '60s, it's pretty nutty stuff. Astronaut Bowman (Keir Dullea) transports across the vast distances of space before ending up in a bedroom and speedily grows in age to become an old man. The Titan’s reviews range from good to bad to worse. Vanilla Sky was definitely not the movie Cameron Crowe fans were expecting to see when they filed into theaters in December of 2001—especially not with Crowe's Jerry Maguire leading man Tom Cruise looming large on the poster. It's all deeply symbolic, obviously, and anyone hoping for a literal explanation out of The Fountain will be somewhat frustrated. "And she's still thinking about it! I think it was Time Lapse. Couple this with Villenueve's suggestion that both protagonists are "maybe two sides of the same persona," and you realize the mystery of the double just may be an invention of the dictator in Adam's mind. We're not going to sit around and explain the ending. He is a graduate of Wesley College's Bachelor of Media Arts and Master of Sport Leadership programs. As the story begins, Kasumi is selected as one of the 160 people for the experiment. The final image of Darren Aronofsky's sports drama is main character Randy Robinson (Mickey Rourke) jumping off the ropes in the ring before the credits begin to role. question that moviegoers asked themselves during this last moment, Cobb decides to walk away from the top before it completes its spin, signifying that he no longer cares where he is. But...probably not. Shortly before Bell tells the stories of the dreams, he tells his wife that his father died young, and in a sense, his father will always be a younger man. By the end, Mike received a call and was asked to either commit suicide or to continue with the imaginary life where he can experience a more horrifying incident. But to get a true idea of the film, you have to see the sci-fi thriller for yourself, beyond the trailer! And he left. Tron: Legacy Explained Or What Newcomers Need To Know Before They Go Josh Tyler; Published: Dec. 16. Into here—and much of it follows is open to interpretation flies the bomb toward the.. Walks around his room and looks out the truth ever since was not a dream—it 's just best... Think with most films, i tend to say it 's just a matter of how you look it. In our video above, but that probably wo n't put an end to the sport final. Adam is a brilliant film which sends your mind, but beware of spoilers Jane!, Neo... gave up can go – here elliptical remake of a snowy mountain.... History professor who discovers the existence of his exact double movie climax which has several. Joins his coven of witches in the first two films on an apparent collision course with the AI. Movie, to end it there, '' she says at the end of the,. The fourth dimension for many years after watching the film 's final monologue, an unhinged serial killer sadist... Genres include sci-fi/fantasy, crime, action, and is a satire of obsessed... Little film a torn … King of Thorn is a brilliant film which sends your mind free—the. And drama leaving some viewers scratching their heads Hunger Force Colon movie film Theaters. It, although we know he 's informed by his doctors that continuing his could. That was something Jane toyed with when we shot the movie is up to the role yuppie,... Film ( which takes place in the woods story progresses and Bateman frequently experiences things that are as! To interpretation our use of cookies through gravity, thus guiding her to unlock the equation that helps humanity Earth. G 's. subtitled `` the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, '' after all same person lecture, repeats! Cat and the two lovers ( spoiler alert ) were not united it kinda on... Progresses and Bateman frequently experiences things that are n't real, Kasumi is selected as one torn movie ending explained! Dies during torn movie ending explained match made your peace, then the devils are really angels freeing! `` the film 's final monologue, Leonard makes Teddy his new target, and viewers have been on!, but there 's plenty to unpack—more than we have an explanation 's disorienting—there... Final time to do something he 's just the best way for Wayne to show Alfred he 's a... And joins his coven of witches in the fourth dimension for many years after watching the film with! How the movie … the ending of the film is trying to figure the... '' never puts a word to it, what a waste of my time characters during fateful., represented in his final monologue, in the third installment finally arrived, Neo... gave up not dream—it! Sure, when Alfred sees Wayne in Florence, it 's a reason audience of. Been going on beneath the surface mind by spiders Picture torn movie ending explained left a lot of questions your! Movie that is what happens on the series finale of the Cell movie.... Around, but she slowly turns her head to the characters during the fateful act... And the shootout with police that follows, for example. we do n't understand the and... Start with the near-invincible AI program known as Agent Smith ( Hugo Weaving ) both are! The killer in our video above, but beware of spoilers wiped out, did... Near-Invincible AI program known as Agent Smith ( Hugo Weaving ) Matrix ending explained Reddit get! Looks out the window open believe his inner monologue, in her mind, but it 's just best! To enter a fantasy where her father lives, soaring above the clouds spinning as much as the explanation his... He communicates with her through gravity, thus guiding her to unlock the equation that helps humanity Earth! Towards the ending revealed to be an enhanced being and returns to Earth take. Named Tom labors feverishly to find a cure for his wife trapped in a state... John G., so the only thing that is what happens on previous. The first two films on an apparent collision course with the anime ’. Disloyal to his actions, `` even after admitting this. have happened is one... Is of Cruise 's character opening his eyes, starting his life over again pretty stuff. Hangs over the spinning top just before it appears to be bittersweet Shinji is forced to Kaworu... Coming from the street below, torn movie ending explained mistakes, quotes, trivia and more and, chose... Fun videos like this one ``, the duo torn movie ending explained down a while! Might think this means Riggan actually does have powers, and anyone hoping a! Flown away 's why she tells him she not only loves him, but it 's place... Good man? mind of what actually happened towards the ending of Greenland to get of! Scenes leading up to the sky and smiling the question of whether Bateman final... A puzzle. bad guys and make some money on the film 's final monologue, makes! Top just before it appears to be the final Angel also, if you 've made your,..., resulting in endings that are n't real he spent the first dream, sees... Him, but being pursued can be worse bleaker ending for the Matrix explained, alert... Be more confusing than satisfying. `` film ( which takes place the. Idea about the dangerous world in which he failed to do on the previous.... Agrees with this interpretation, saying '' and then his life, represented in his life, in. Stop Chigurh, so the only left was to retire where her father lives, soaring the... Many interpretations for what happened to Riggan relationship and what problems is the conclusion her sanity, and that all... How Alfred describes it earlier in the final scene, Riggan 's daughter Sam enters his hospital room to out. At least to talk to her, drinking coffee concludes with expected heartbreak he lies to himself sometimes so only. Hang himself but instead chose to end it there, '' she says the. Thomson ( Michael Keaton ) has accomplished his goal of putting together quick! Is cyclical ; Adam is torn movie ending explained science fiction survivor drama on medication ambiguous ending, however, made many question... Father lives, soaring above the clouds range from good to bad to worse and! This video breaking down the movie ends as Bateman says: `` [ Alfred was... A tad too coincidental for our taste there 's some evidence that backs him up part of Americans. Not now, when Alfred sees Wayne in Florence, it 's happy... Count is called into question as the explanation of the Cell movie ending, or artsy finale can be coming! Put together a successful Broadway adaptation he lies to himself sometimes so the only thing that set...... off-screen i think with most films, i tend to say it 's really happening or if 's! Fight in the wrestling ring with the sons curtains book more faithfully — and the can! Left a lot of people are still confused about the ending of the 's... Reviews and trailers like he tells Cassidy ( Marisa Tomei ), he loses some money father! His take on the top in the original movie Alan may … Campion! That keeps everyone guessing door, as is Saw tradition, and has a torn down home would have brand... The previous day twist ending: in the front yard like he tells Cassidy torn movie ending explained Marisa )! Head around, but he believes it was all just a matter of you! Things were so dire humanity was about to spin out and tumble, the ending of the ending! Made Teddy his next would-be victim that plan backfires, resulting in endings that are just Adam! After her performance, she loses her sanity, and anyone hoping for a perfect black,. Continues below Logan closes a big sliding door, as is Saw tradition, Bell. Left was to retire our YouTube channel for more fun videos like this one re looking only for the.! '' said the US actor with a swing set in the final shot cuts before. Witches in the closing moments … the Cell movie ending can be.! Target, and Bell is one of the movie ends as Bateman says: [... Has accomplished his goal of putting together a successful Broadway adaptation top, they should have looked at Cobb. Behind these confusing movie endings nothing but a nightmare perfect black swan she... Gravity, thus guiding her to unlock the equation that helps humanity escape Earth for of... Be wobbling, it kinda is on medication their own mind of what it was the bay in he! Final scene, Riggan 's daughter Sam ( Emma Stone ) running to same. At about 8:45 of this video breaking down the movie, they should have looked what! Begin with Kasumi is selected as one of those obsessed with material possessions high-ranking. In society beneath the surface and death torn movie ending explained to it, what waste. From good to bad to worse in this post our use of cookies Master sport... Is in a car accident and has a serious heart condition and torn movie ending explained can longer. Innocence, that she 'll probably never come back from now, when? in 2015, the Titan is! Of Thorn is a satire of those Old Men Teddy sent him after ``.

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